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    Powerful & Incredibly Simple

    VPN Freely is the easiest VPN for iPhone and iPad on the market today. By simply clicking the “Secure Me” button you will be connected to our ultra secure Virtual Private Network. We’ll encrypt all your internet activity preventing WiFi Hackers for accessing your data in mid-transfer.

    What is “WiFi Hotspot Security” anyway?

    WiFi is everywhere now and if we can save our cellular data even just a little bit, we want to connect. However, just because your phone wants to connect to a WiFi hotspot doesn’t mean it’s safe. The fact is your phone can’t tell you if the hotspot is safe or not.

    If the hotspot is not secure other people online may be able to see your internet activity. Hackers love to sniff data on coffee shop WiFi networks because the customers feel comfortable there just like it’s home. If the customer is comfortable they’ll do things like personal banking online. This is why no public WiFi connection should be trusted.

    The Solution = VPN Freely

    It’s so easy! One simple rule…

    After connecting to a Public WiFi Hotspot. Always, open VPN Freely and click “Secure Me”.

    Once you’re connected to the VPN Freely servers all of your internet and app activity will be Encrypted through our servers making it impossible for the sniffing hackers to read your activity and bank details. After you leave that hotspot simply open VPN Freely and disconnect.

    It really is easy to surf the web safely. Download VPN Freely today!

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    VPN for iPhone & iPad

    What’s so great about VPN Freely?

    – WiFi Hotspot Security
    – One Click Instant Access to Connect
    – No Sign-Up Required
    – No Email, Names or Phone Numbers Required
    – 256 bit Bank Grade Encryption
    – No Server Logs or Activity Tracking
    – You’re hidden behind our IP address like a Proxy
    – Surf the web as if you’re in another Country (USA default)
    – Secure web browsing and mobile app activity
    – No daily limits on usage
    – No data limits on streaming and downloads
    – Go Premium to remove your speed limits
    – Go Premium to remove the 30min session timeout

    Stop Hackers on Public WiFi

    Premium Features

    Take your mobile VPN to the next level with our Premium service. Remove all ads and connect to the fastest servers.

    No In-App Ads

    Access to Exclusive Lightning VPN Servers

    No Speed Limits (Upload and Download)

    No Data Download Limits

    No Server Logs. No User Tracking.

    without vpn you're not secure

    Prices And Plans

    Something for everyone.



    Always Free, Safe and Secure.

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    How can I cancel my subscription to VPN Freely? You can’t cancel from inside the app. You must cancel from your Apple iTunes account directly.

    Why doesn’t my App or Website work when using VPN Freely? Your internet provider may be blocking VPN services. Try the all new “Stealth Mode” feature in the side menu. If that doesn’t work, please tell us exactly what App or Website is not working when you submit your support request below.

    I already paid, why is there still a popup ad asking me to Try Premium? If you still see popup ads in VPN Freely after upgrading to Premium please open the side Menu and select “Restore Purchase”. After the purchase is restored, close the app and open it again before you connect. There should be no more ads.

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